Axe FXIII Presets!

Axe FXIII Presets!






NEW VERSION COMING SOON! Check back from 12th Feb 2020

Got an Axe FX III? Looking for tones that actually FEEL as good as they sound, are carefully crafted, ready to gig and play at home and sound full, juicy and inspiring, using a well thought-out template that's easy to tweak (with full instructions) for your own sonic tinkering?

Me too. And that's EXACTLY why I've created and released these patches for the Fractal Audio Axe FX III :-)

Available in 2 styles: Morphing (allowing you to change from one tone to another using just an expression pedal to 'morph' between them) and Clean-to-mean (regular patches where scenes are used to switch tones)


(PLEASE NOTE! If I update these patches within the same major FW revision in which they were created (e.g from Firmware 10.2 to 10.5), and you've already purchased them, you'll get a link emailed to you to download the updated version, free of charge)