GloRiser Pedal Mount/Light Platform

GloRiser Pedal Mount / Light Platform for expression and Wah Pedals



GloRiser is available for Fractal Audio Systems EV-1 and EV-2, Dunlop Crybaby WAH and standard Mission Expression Pedals, or any other pedals with similar footprints.


GloRiser is a Wah pedal riser / Expression pedal riser that allows you to easily attach pedals to your board without the hassle of having to remove their feet. Even cooler, it can even light up for ease of visibility on dark stages, or just to add a little mojo to your board :-)





...or read on for full details of what it is and how it works...






The GloRiser is a 10mm thick acrylic platform designed to make it easy to attach your Wah or Expression pedals to your pedalboard, completely flat, without having to take the feet off your pedal. This is possible as the Riser has cutouts for the feet, enabling your pedal to sit flush within the Riser, so you have the nice flat base of the Riser that you can then attach to your board with a little velcro. So, it's a pedal riser... but that's not all!


It also has an awesome centre channel into which you can put a flexible RGB LED Strip Light,  also available to purchase from from this page (or you can use one of your own if you already have one laying around). This lights up the platform, making it easy to see where those pedals are on dark stages, plus it just looks so bloody cool :-)




No! You can use it simply as a really great and solid Riser to let you easily attach Wah / Expression pedals to your board :-)




The material the Riser is made of has excellent light-beaming characteristics and, when you turn your light on, it makes the outer edges of the platform glow!

Now, this is very cool! Firstly, you can now clearly see your pedals on dark stages.  
Secondly, it gives a method by which you can identify expression pedal functions in multi-pedal setups, by having different lights on different pedals. 



YES! The RGB LED Strip Light available for purchase here fits perfectly in the centre channel and will be pre-cut to the right length for the GloRiser. The light comes with a remote control allowing you to change colour, brightness, mode and speed (you can have it automatically cycle between colours or even smoothly morph between them - very spangly!).




The light available through the ZenRigs store comes wired with a standard 2.1mm 9v DC barrel connector, wired CENTRE POSITIVE, but, as everyone powers their boards differently, IT DOES NOT COME WITH A POWER SUPPLY; you'll need to organise power for it yourself. PLEASE NOTE!! EVERY light is tested before shipping and will be 100% functional. If you decide to power it using wires and potatoes, a 56v lawmower battery, 90% home-brew moonshine or something equally NOT what I suggest in the guidelines below, you'll likely end up murdering your light... and you'll then own a dead light! 

The options you have for power are: 


1) Power it from a wall wart. Just get a standard 9v DC supply with the standard 2.1mm barrel connector (they cost around $10 and are the same as needed for most effect pedals) and make sure the connector is wired CENTRE POSITIVE. Most multi-voltage PSUs will allow you to change tips to achieve the correct polarity.


2) Connect it to your pedalboard power supply, e.g. Voodoo PP2+. Most of these provide Centre NEGATIVE power, but you can get a thing called a Reverse Polarity Cable (Vooodoo Labs sell one for $3.99) and that'll make sure it gets the right juice. This is exactly how I've connected mine.


3) Power it from a GloJuice 9V Battery Box. Yep, you can power it using a simple 9V battery by using the handy GloJuice Battery Box, available for purchase right here! A standard 9V battery clips securely inside the box, which you then plug into the light. It includes a handy on/off switch and can easily be vecro'd to your board. If you run your light at a medium brightness and on a steady colour (i.e. it's not automatically constantly changing colours) a single Duracell 9v battery can last as long as 15-20 hours!




Here's how the GloRiser works.

Pic_1v2 Pic_2
pic3 pic4v201
Pic_5v02 Pic_6v04
Pic_7 Pic_8
Pic_9v2 Pic_10




PLEASE PLEASE read the 'Delivery Notes'  section before placing any orders, which has important info about delivery times etc. Thank you :-)


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EV1 GloRiser

GloRiser specifically sized for the Fractal EV1 Expression Pedal

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£19.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 15 business days

EV2 GloRiser

GloRiser specifically sized for the Fractal EV2 Expression Pedal

Click on the picture for more details...

£19.99 *
can be shipped within 15 business days

GloJuice 9v Battery Box

GloJuice 9v Battery Box, for powering the RGB LED Strip Light (also available from this page). Battery not included!

Click on the picture for more details...

£4.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 20 (business) days

Mission/Dunlop GloRiser

GloRiser specifically sized for Mission Expression/ Dunlop Crybaby WAH style pedals

Click on the picture for more details...

£19.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 15 business days

RGB LED Strip Light (19" long)

RGB LED Strip Light for GloRiser. Includes a handy wireless remote to control light colour, mode, brightness etc.

Click on the picture for more details...

£17.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 15 business days

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