Axe FXIII Presets!

Axe FXIII Presets!






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Got an Axe FX 3? Looking for Axe FX 3 Presets that actually FEEL as good as they sound, are carefully crafted, ready to gig and play at home and sound full, juicy and inspiring, using well thought-out templates that are easy to tweak (with full instructions) for your own sonic tinkering?

Me too. And that's EXACTLY why I've created and released this Axe FX 3 Preset Pack!




(PLEASE NOTE! If I update these patches within the same major FW revision in which they were created (e.g from Firmware 12.1 to 12.4), and you've already purchased them, you'll get a link emailed to you to download the updated version, free of charge) 


Sound Samples

Better demos coming soon, but for now, here are a couple of videos of these Axe FX 3 Presets in action to give you an idea of how these sound:


User Feedback!
Some short (and one long) but fab feedback from some lovely people that have used these presets :-)

"These patches are incredible. They have huge depth and dimensionality. One of the biggest challenges in creating tones is that they're usually developed in isolation and, while they might sound good alone, they can get lost in a band setting (or make the mix muddy because the guitar patch is overloaded in the midrange). Sukh's (ZenRigs) patches deliver a fully realized rock tone that sits perfectly in the mix, and at stage volume they positively ROAR. Beautiful tones with a ton of versatility. Side effects may include late night kebab cravings."

John Hendow, Guitarist in 'Bowie-Vision' (Sleestack on the Fractal Forum)


“Hey bro! Just wanted to say, big fan of the patches! AC20 with an OD on it sounds like the ‘Beautiful Girls’ tone.”

“Thanks Sukh! Lovin’ that AC20 patch. Was getting some really good ZZ Top tones from it, which I thought was unusal!”

“Morphing preset sounds good – REALLY good. I’ll more than likely use that for gigging when my EV2 finally turns up lol!”

“Brother Sukh! Had a play with the presets last night and they sound really GREAT. I’ve not tried the FAS brown model before and the IRs you chose work really well with them – a nice open sound – total EVH vibe. Love the delays as well – not too much or too little. Thank you!”

“Thanks for making these patches Sukh. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. The notes were a great idea - I’ve learnt a lot from how you put things together!”

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