Fancy some awesome wallpapers to bring beautiful positive vibes to your phone, tablet or desktop? 
Well, of course you do!

So, for your wallpapering pleasure, here are some ZenRigs pics for you to groove up your screens.


Click on the appropriate link below any image to get a full size version for the big screen or your phone (depending on the picture). The image will display full-screen for you. Now click on the image to open the full, hi-res version, and you can then save it to your desktop (right click and then save) or save it directly to your phone and then set it as a wallpaper. Sounds a little convoluted, but you'll get it once you start clicking. Hope u like them!





Desktop Version Phone version          Desktop Version Phone Version


Desktop Version Phone version   Desktop Version


Desktop Version Desktop Version
Dirty_Crunchy_Kebab_-_Thumb Eat_more_Kebab_thumb
Desktop Version Desktop Version