Neo 101

Neo 101



Everything you need to know about Neodymium (Neo) Magnets!



Neo Magnets are considerably more powerful than conventional magnets, and are used to make it less likely that your labels will fall off your board in transit. While this is a truly awesome feature, you should take care when using them and do not leave them anywhere they could cause damage or leave them with children under any circumstances. Here's what you need to know!

  1. They should be used with care! When they are brought close enough together, they can have a surprising amount of power. Fingers can be caught betwen them which could cause  painful nip or even a blood blister. DO NOT STICK THESE ANYWHERE OTHER THAN YOUR MIDI CONTROLLER!!!
  2. They are plated with three layers of protective coating; First a layer of nickel, then a layer of copper and then a final layer of nickel. The plating can wear away in the course of normal use, and can result in a mildy corroded appearance with heavy wear. Care should be taken, therefore, not to scrape or bang the magnets harshly against other surfaces. If you suffer from a nickel allergy, please avoid prolonged skin contact.
  3. As with any magnet, but more so with Neos, please keep them away from heart pacemakers, sensitive electronics, credit cards etc, which could be affected by close proximity of magnets.
  4. Do not allow children to play with the labels or magnets and do not leave them unattended in a place where a child could reach them, under any circumstances. If ingested, the magnets could attract each other through the walls of the intestines and cause major swelling,  life-threatening injuries and need surgery to remove them. Please keep out of the reach of children and do everything possible to make sure they cannot swallow the magnets.
  5. The Neo magnets are Superglued into place with a strong adhesive. As such, anything that is glued can, inevitably, become un-glued. In the rare event that one of the embedded Neos falls off, simply put a blob of glue on it and pop it right back :-)