Important notes about delivery and shipping. Please, please, please read carefully before ordering!!


Firstly, thanks so much for considering using ZenRigs - I really do appreciate your interest! To avoid any grief or confusion, please read these notes on delivery and ordering and make sure you're cool with it before ordering anything!

Where am I based and where do I ship?
I'm based in England in the cold part up north. Brrrrrr. However, I ship all over the world. Mostly to places a lot hotter than where I live. I'm not bitter though. Shipping worldwide = No Problemo!

Shipping Times - READ CAREFULLY!
As I carefully make every set to order from pre-prepared materials, it takes me a little time to get your stuff ready, particularly if you've ordered anything custom (like text labels). PLUS...I do this on top of a full time job, so please be patient with email comms etc as I'm not always 'on call' for ZenRigs - and when I am working on orders, I focus on getting those done first. While my aim is to always get your order to the post office for shipping in LESS THAN TWENTY BUSINESS DAYS of receiving your complete order (starting from the time you tell me what you want on your custom text labels, if you've ordered any),
it can sometimes take a little longer if I'm unusually busy or if I'm preparing materials for new orders. Honestly, it's normally a lot quicker than this and I do my best to get orders out as fast as possible, but please keep this in mind! Please note,
a business day is Monday-Friday and excludes weekends and UK holidays.

During this time, please please resist the urge to constantly email and ask when your order is shipping, when you'll get tracking, how's it progressing, am I working on your order, can I send 'in progress' pictures or updates (I'm not making this list up, it's what I get asked!)... as it stops me from focusing on getting orders made during the time I have to spend on ZenRigs! I've been doing this for a long time, and you can read lots of reviews online on my service and quality, so don't worry... all is in hand! If I don't respond to such emails, I hope you'll understand why. If you feel you are going to HAVE to chase, panic and rush, please read the last section below.

Once I have shipped your order, the time it takes to get to you is down to the good postal men and women around the world and is out of my hands. I'll send you some tracking info for you to keep tabs on your package but delivery times can vary, even to the same country. For example, it takes 4-5 days for a package to physically arrive in the USA, but then USPS take from 1 day to 2 weeks to get it to you depending on where you are!

If you just can't wait...
Finally, if you're extremely important, in a mega-rush to get your stuff, feel that you have to be on my case on a daily basis as to when I'm going to ship or feel that you will lose a leg or worse if you don't have your goodies NOW, then..... please do not order from me! Life's too short for the hassle man...

I thank you for your understanding and for even considering ordering from me. I know you'll love what I make for you, as have countless people across the planet since I started this little hobby venture.

Peace and love to you all :-)