F-Switch 'Mini Text Labels' (Pack of 6) REVERSE PRINT

F-Switch 'Mini Text Labels' (Pack of 6) REVERSE PRINT

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A pack of 6 Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Text Labels. Choose any mix of Pre-defined text labels, Blank (self write) labels, Custom Texts or plain black 'blank' labels. Once you order, you'll get an email with a link to a form to tell me exactly what you want in your pack.

PLEASE NOTE!! You'll need a UniSurround set (the containers that hold the labels) for the AX8/FX8 to use these labels; they fit right into the space in the UniSurrounds for the F-Switches.


NOTE ON REVERSE PRINT GLOW!! Although they're made of the same material, Reverse Print glow labels will NOT glow as brightly as regular print, for the simple physical reason that there is less 'glowy material' showing. If you need the brightest glow possible, then the regular print versions are what you need.

Click on the picture above for a some groovy photos...


PLEASE NOTE!! These are designed ONLY to fit the F-Switches and will NOT go over any other switches on the AX8 or FX8!!. 

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