Axe FXIII Preset: Brown Sound Morphing Patch

Axe FXIII Preset: Brown Sound Morphing Patch


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Looking for tones that actually FEEL as good as they sound, are carefully crafted, ready to gig and play at home and sound full, juicy and inspiring, that use a well thought-out template that's easy to tweak (with full instructions) for your own sonic tinkering?

Me too. And that's EXACTLY why I've created and released these patches!

Firstly, what's 'Morphing'?

Good question! Morphing is the ability to go from one distinct tone to another, just by stepping on an expression pedal and rocking your foot. For example, go from a super clean tone with chorus and light delay to a super distorted fire-breathing tone with long delays and phaser. No need to press multiple buttons or tap dance, just rock your foot and morph! Great for gigging, and just plain fun anyway!

This is one of my own live patches, used in my Cancer Research covers band. I've created this using more than 10 years experience as an Axe FX user and gigger (having played hundreds of shows with Fractal gear) and I’ve created the tones o be thick, juicy and full of feel – as that’s what inspires me to play. They make my pants flap, and that makes me happy :-)


I really hope you like the patch too, get use out of it, and learn how to adapt it for your own needs. It includes detailed notes that document key bits to you so you can learn from it, understand what I’ve done, and tweak it if you feel the need to make it something that really works for you!


What it includes:

- A ZIP file containing the syx file for the Axe FXIII and a PDF detailing use and tweaking notes
Created for FRFR setups - includes full instructions on how to tweak for your needs



  1. This is a digital dowload and you will get instant access to your zip file when you complete checkout. You'll also get an email directly afterwards with your download links, as well as a separate Order Confirmation email. Please check your spam folder if you've not seen the email with your links! There is no physical product.
  2. Your download links will be valid for 30 days and you can download up to 10 times during that period.
  3. Your Axe FX III will need to be on at least FW 10.02.
  4. You'll need to transfer the syx file to your Axe FXIII using the tools provided by Fractal Audio. Instructions on how to do so are supplied with your Axe FXIII and you should, as a matter of good practice, always back up your unit before making any changes to it.
  5. The tones were created at gig volume, using a medium output humbucker guitar and an Atomic CLR Monitor (FRFR). Note that your FRFR, guitar, room and volume you play at WILL affect the tone compared to how it sounds when I created it on my gear. This is normal, and a tweak or two should not be feared!
  6. All purchases are final, no refunds are possible, even if you've ordered this product by accident.
  7. By purchasing this, you are agreeing NOT to share this preset, resell it or share the download link with any other person. Because, well, that's just really, really bad form man. Theft and all that. Please play fair!
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