Axe FXIII Presets: The Full Kebab!

Axe FXIII Presets: The Full Kebab!


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All four presets, for the price of three! I mean, it'd be rude not to. It's the full kebab!


What it includes:

- A ZIP file containing the syx files for the AC20 Clean2Mean, AC20 Morphing, Brown Sound Clean2Mean and Brown Sound Morphing pactches, (full descriptions for each can be found on their respective product pages) and accompanying PDFs detailing use and tweaking notes
- Created using FW10.02 on the Axe FX III



  1. This is a digital dowload and you will get instant access to your zip file when you complete checkout. You'll also get an email directly afterwards with your download links, as well as a separate Order Confirmation email. Please check your spam folder if you've not seen the email with your links! There is no physical product.
  2. Your download links will be valid for 30 days and you can download up to 10 times during that period.
  3. Your Axe FX III will need to be on at least FW 10.02.
  4. You'll need to transfer the syx file to your Axe FXIII using the tools provided by Fractal Audio. Instructions on how to do so are supplied with your Axe FXIII and you should, as a matter of good practice, always back up your unit before making any changes to it.
  5. Note that your FRFR, guitar, room and volume you play at WILL affect the tone compared to how it sounds when I created it on my gear. This is normal, and a tweak or two should not be feared!
  6. All purchases are final, no refunds are possible, even if you've ordered this product by accident.
  7. By purchasing this, you are agreeing NOT to share this preset, resell it or share the download link with any other person. Because, well, that's just really, really bad form man. Theft and all that. Please play fair!
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