Axe FXIII Presets: The Ultimate Preset Pack! (click for IMPORTANT DETAILS of what the pack includes)

Axe FXIII Presets: The Ultimate Preset Pack! (click for IMPORTANT DETAILS of what the pack includes)


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What it includes:

- A ZIP file containing the syx files for all the the presets included within this pack (as detailed below), and accompanying PDFs detailing use and tweaking notes
- Created using FW12.03 on the Axe FX III

The pack consists of the following presets:

  • Morphing presets – my own personal gigging presets!:
    • Brown Morph: My main gigging preset. Based on the FAS Brown amp model and set up with 8 ‘meat and potatoes’ sample scenes. No crazy effects here, just straight up clean, edgy, crunchy and lead gigging tones.
    • Funky Morph: An OTT variation of the Brown Morph patch, showing you how you can use this patch for creative morphing shenanigans with 8 fun scenes to play with.
    • AC Morph: A straight-ahead morphing preset based on the lovely AC-20 12AX7 Bass amp model with 8 scenes perfect for straight up gigging tones. I also gig with this preset!
  • Non-Morphing / Scene-based presets (based on the Morphing preset scenes, as above). Use these if you don’t have an expression pedal or just want to use regular scenes for tones:
    • Brown Scenes 1
    • Brown Scenes 2
    • AC Scenes 1
    • AC Scenes 2
  • Two-Cab Morphing Preset, using Fractal Factory presets!
    • I’ve created this as a template for you, which uses two independent Cab blocks and sample Amp and Cab combinations from the Fractal Factory Presets. It shows how easy it is to drop your own Amp and Cab blocks into the template to create quick Morphing Presets. Please note, I have included this preset for free, to show you how it’s possible to even Morph factory presets.
  • Flip-Flop Presets
    • I was asked by a client if it would be possible to apply the principle of Morphing, but without the use of an expression pedal. His reason was he wanted to effectively have access to 16 (yes, sixteen!) scenes from a single preset. The Morphing template was perfect for this, and I created these ‘Flip-Flop’ versions using it. Flip between the two tones available in each scene using a single switch on the FC controller. Full details further in this guide, but here’s what’s included. These are FLIP versions of their Morphing counterparts:
      • AC FLIP
      • Brown FLIP
      • Funky FLIP
      • 2 Cab FLIP (the FLIP version of the Two-Cab Morphing Preset)
  • BRIGHTER Versions
    • As the presets were created (and designed to be used) at stage volume, some users may find they need to ‘brighten up’ the dirty tones for home use. While easy to do (and there are tweaks available in each preset – more details later), I’ve saved you the hassle by creating these. The only difference between them and their regular counterparts is that I’ve turned the Bright Switch ON and increased the Treble by 0.7 in each of the dirty amps.


  1. Created for and tested with FRFR systems
  2. This is a digital dowload and you will get instant access to your zip file when you complete checkout. You'll also get an email directly afterwards with your download links, as well as a separate Order Confirmation email. Please check your spam folder if you've not seen the email with your links! There is no physical product.
  3. Your download links will be valid for 30 days and you can download up to 10 times during that period.
  4. Your Axe FX III will need to be on at least FW 12 (presets created on 12.03)
  5. You'll need to transfer the syx files to your Axe FXIII using the tools provided by Fractal Audio. Instructions on how to do so are supplied with your Axe FXIII and you should, as a matter of good practice, always back up your unit before making any changes to it.
  6. Note that your FRFR, guitar, room and volume you play at WILL affect the tone compared to how it sounds when I created it on my gear. Also, your idea of perfect tones may differ from mine.This is normal, and a tweak or two should not be feared!
  7. All purchases are final, no refunds are possible, even if you've ordered this product by accident.
  8. By purchasing this, you are agreeing NOT to share these presets, resell them or share the download link with any other person. Because, well, that's just really, really bad form man. Theft and all that. Please play fair!

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