X-Tag Reverse Print

X-Tag Reverse Print

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X-TAG - REVERSE PRINT. Custom Expresion pedal label. 

The price is for ONE (1) Reverse Print label (white text on black background), as shown in the picture above (click the picture to see a big version). You can have any text you like on your label! The label is self adhesive and sticks directly to the pedal or can even be put on your pedalboard beneath the pedal and 'lit up' by a GloRiser for added Zen :-)

NOTE! When you get to checkout, you can add a note to the order to tell me what text you want on your X-Tag. You can also email me with your text afterwards at any time.

To find out everything about the Glow Labels, how they work and how to charge them up, head on over to the GLOW-101 Page by clicking here...

Click on the picture above for a nice big view...

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