Mission/Dunlop GloRiser

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Mission/Dunlop GloRiser

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10mm thick Acrylic GloRiser platform with specially designed centre channel into which an RGB LED Strip Light can be placed (NOT included) to make the platform glow. Design features cutouts for the feet of the pedal so you don't need to remove them to attach it to your board.

Although tested with the Mission EP1 and iconic Dunlop Crybaby WAH, the shape is a 'standard wah' pedal shape, so should work with anything that fits within the platform, such as Vox Wahs etc (see sizing guide picture by clicking on the image above). If your pedal fits within the shape of the Riser, but you find that the feet of your pedal are not spaced in the same was as the Mission EP1 / Dunlop Crybaby (and therefore don't fit exactly in the holes for the pedal feet in the GloRiser), then you can use the Riser by removing the feet from your pedal and velcroing it directly to the GloRiser. Simples!


Check out the video and pictures on the main GloRiser page for full details on how it works!


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