RGB LED Strip Light (19" long)

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RGB LED Strip Light (19" long)

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The RGB LED Strip Light for the GloRiser is a 19" long flexible and versatile light that includes a handy remote that you can use to control light settings including colour (its RGB so has pretty much every colour), brightness, mode (including single colour, colour changing, pulsing, colour morphing) and on/off. The light available here is the same one being used in the GloRiser video on the product homepage.

PLEASE NOTE! The Remote you receive may be different to the one shown in the picture above (some come with the 6 quick-access colour buttons at the bottom and some without - depends on the supplier), but they control the light in the same way and allow to you choose all options and colours equally.


The light is fitted with a standard 2.1mm 9v DC barrel connector, wired CENTRE POSITIVE, but, as everyone powers their boards differently, IT DOES NOT COME WITH A POWER SUPPLY; you'll need to organise power for it yourself. PLEASE NOTE!! EVERY light is tested before shipping and will be 100% functional. If you decide to power it using wires and potatoes, a 56v lawmower battery, 90% home-brew moonshine or something equally NOT what I suggest in the guidelines below, you'll likely end up murdering your light... and you'll then own a dead light! 

The options you have for power are: 


1) Power it from a wall wart. Just get a standard 9v DC supply with the standard 2.1mm barrel connector (they cost around $10 and are the same as needed for most effect pedals) and make sure the connector is wired CENTRE POSITIVE. Most multi-voltage PSUs will allow you to change tips to achieve the correct polarity.


2) Connect it to your pedalboard power supply, e.g. Voodoo PP2+. Most of these provide Centre NEGATIVE power, but you can get a thing called a Reverse Polarity Cable (Vooodoo Labs sell one for $3.99) and that'll make sure it gets the right juice. This is exactly how I've connected mine.


3) Power it using a GloJuice 9V Battery Box. Yep, you can power it using a simple 9V battery by using the handy GloJuice Battery Box, available for purchase right here! A standard 9V battery clips securely inside the box, which you then plug into the light. It includes a handy on/off switch and can easily be vecro'd to your board. If you run your light at a medium brightness and on a steady colour (i.e. it's not automatically constantly changing colours) a single Duracell 9v battery can last as long as 15-20 hours!




If, like me, you decide to use more than one GloRiser and Strip Light on your board, then note that a single remote control will control ALL active lights. If you want to set up an individual light, separately from the others (e.g. if you want one light steady purple and the other pulsing through multiple colours), then remove the power from the light you DON'T want to set up, use the remote to set up the powered light, and then repeat the process to set up other lights. The lights retain memory of last settings, so once you've set them how you want them, you don't need to do anything other than power them up for them to be ready to go every time.


30 day warranty included for the light
Every light is tested before it ships and should arrive in perfect working order. In the rare event the post office has been a little less than careful and your light is Dead On Arrival, I'll replace it, no problemo. Every light comes with a 30 day guarantee; if it fails during that time, return it to me and I'll replace it for free (and refund your shipping to send it back to me too). If your light dies after 30 days (unlikely to happen due to natural causes, as the LED lights are quite robust - but it can happen, as with any lights, due to mishandling, power problems etc), then I'd be happy to recommend a replacement if you wish to order one yourself, or you can just purchase the light alone from the site.



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