ZenLight Pedalboard Torch

ZenLight Pedalboard Torch




ZenLight - a super-bright, super-small and convenient LED cube torch, made with pedalboards in mind...


Just 1” square - fits on the tightest of boards so is always at hand whenever you need it..

Ergonomic shape + handy strap means you’ll never drop it...
One-hand push button on/off. No twisting, swiping 

or swearing necessary...

Setup or trouble shoot your rig and find your beer with ease
on the darkest of stages, or just use it to flash your
keyboard player from across the stage to tell him to turn down.
All without the need for bulky torches or risking
your precious phone!



PLEASE PLEASE read the 'Delivery Notes'  section before placing any orders, which has important info about delivery times etc. Thank you :-)





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ZenLight Pedalboard Torch

ZenLight - super bright super small LED Pedalboard torch.

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