21st  May 2020: UPDATE!

Hello! I've just been called by the fabricators and the new stock is ready! I'll be picking it up tomorrow to save the extra time it would have taken to deliver it to me and will finalise remaining orders from April over the next few days and then ship. Thanks to all for your patience; hopefully back to normal service now. Cheers! Sukh, 21st May 2020



13th May 2020: UPDATE!

Hello all, I hope you're continuing to stay safe wherever you are. Good news! I just heard from my fabricators that they have my outstanding orders in the queue to be manufactured this week, and that I should receive shipment early next week (w/c/ 18th May). For any outstanding orders from April, everything that could have been made has been made for each order, and I'll finalise them and ship once I have the outstanding parts. Thanks again for your patience. Hopefully some kind of normality will continue in terms of supply after this. Cheers! Sukh, 13th May 2020


8th May 2020:  DELAYS DUE TO COVID-19

Hi folks, I hope you're all well. If you've ordered physical products, in April, please be aware things are taking a little longer than usual to ship out, as my fabricators have been helping the UK government in manufacturing PPE (Personal Protective Equipement) for Health Care workers. I receive rolling stock from them, but they are currently 2 weeks overdue getting supplies to me, although they are confident they should be able to fulfil my outstanding order by week ending 15th May. I apologise for any delays as a result, but will get any outstanding orders out as soon as the parts arrive and I can finalise orders with any missing items. Thank you. Sukh (8th May 2020) 













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I spent a day with Vai... no, really, I did!!

I spent a day with Thomas Nordegg and Steve Vai (no, not the incomprehensible waiter from the Ponteland Tandoori, the OTHER Steve Vai) to
label up Steve's Fractal MFC-101. Read all about my day... includes stage-side footage and a peek at what goes on in a high profile world tour. 

Click the picture to read the story! 



Hey there! I'm Sukh, the guy behind ZenRigs. Thank so much for stopping by :-)

ZenRigs is the home of KickTags labels; the most solid, powerful and flexible glow-in-the-dark midi controller labelling system around. They're used and trusted by some of my all-time guitar heroes (as you can see above!) and loved by guitarists worldwide, adding that finishing touch to floor based digital modellers and midi controllers. Cool!

However, I've set up ZenRigs to be more than just a place to buy labels. It's a place you can get useful gear for your rigs, designed to solve specific problems I've been looking to solve for myself, as well as stuff that just makes rigs look that little bit more awesome. It's the site I wanted to find for my own purposes...I hope you find it useful for yours too.